Saturday, October 17, 2009

My First SLW Bicycle Blog Post

My sister just purchased this image from me. She does not spend money frivolously, as she will attest to on her blog The Green Baby Guide. Therefore, I feel somewhat honored by the fact that she chose my work to hang in her home.

I named this one simply "Bicycle." I took the photo in Northwest Portland near where I work in the photo lab at Pro Photo Supply, Inc. I shot this on slide film which I cross-processed for the special effect of the color.

She ordered a custom size: 8x12. I'm hoping to deliver it to her tomorrow.


  1. Thank you for the beautiful photo! But what does cross-processed mean?

  2. Cross-processing is a method of developing film in a different kind of chemistry than what is intended. This image was shot on slide film (positive film) which I processed in chemistry meant for negative film. That gave the image the cyan wash and somewhat altered, muted colors.

  3. I think this one would also look really amazing in a HUGE format. Well, like, three feet by four-and-a-half feet or so.